Russell Gregory – An energy center. Surreal experience of reality. High vibrations. Go here as part of your path.

Sandy Penny – This is great place to commune with like-hearted people, to learn, to meditate, and to share your wisdom.

Gabriele Hughes – What a beautiful Place with plenty of lighhearted, beautiful people. Here they are giving me so much new knowledge, compassion and a great sense of unity. Much love.

Fred Stevins – “It always gives me a nice feeling to contribute to an organization whose work I support. And when those contributions can help me earn substantial tax benefits, it feels terrific.”
Thank you for being there.

Thank you so much for being an inspiring place on the web to go to. I love the fact that my prayer or concern will be placed in the healing bowl. I am touched at what your church does and I am enjoying the videos that are placed on your website under the bios.

Lastly, I want to say how much I also appreciate the donate button at the top of the website. It’s very easy for me to do and I am glad I can give back to your church for what it does, not only for me, but for everyone. The donate button helps for me to show my appreciation to your church to keep the doors open.

James F. Miles – “Feel the love. Feel the peace…” is said at the end of every service, program or event at Carmel Temple. That is exactly what I experienced when I first entered its sanctuary 19 years ago when my heart opened up. Since then, its message of going within to find one’s truth through meditation (by stilling the noisy chatty conscious mind to access the sacred space of the Divine Self to receive the answers to one’s questions and the solutions to one’s problems) is the heart of the ageless wisdom teachings that have existed since the beginning of civilization. As a student/teacher of the timeless wisdom traditions for the past 30 years, I see within the message of Carmel Temple the essence of the sacred teachings contained in the esoteric and mystical teachings of the worlds great religions as well as the nature religions—-the inherent Divine nature of man and his sacred journey and ongoing, relentless quest through Self knowledge to reunite with The All. To further describe or define Carmel Temple is to diminish its efficacy. To truly appreciate this spiritual treasure trove, it must be experienced. Go, and find out for yourself!

Karen TudorCongratulations to both Charlotte and Carl!!! What an achievement for everyone! May you continue to successfully fulfill the purpose and mission of Carmel Temple and know that you have touched and added to the lives of so many over those 38 years!

Fali Engineer “……….its always a pleasure to visit and speak at Carmel. One takes away more than what one gives. Wishing you all continued growth to fulfill the sacred trust that is Carmel.”

CM“what I like best about Carmel is I do not have to give up my Catholic faith/ Church. Carmel does not accept membership, I make no commitment to join and I am still accepted as family! I can go and come as I please and nothing is asked of me…and I have learned more there about the true history of mankind, without having to accept a established belief or doctrine as held by most Churches”.

Stephanie Fuentes – They say, “Home is where the heart is”, I say “The Heart is in Carmel”, I say this because Carmel is a tender heart, inside you will find beings who care, who love, an energy of non-judgment, Carmel will hold you tight and love you like no other, when you leave this place the energy will become a part of you and will stay with you , it can save your soul, comfort your mind, and bind you back together when the world of stress has pulled you apart. The love lives at Carmel, and Carmel is love.
Thank you Carmel, I love you.

Kay – “…….It is always nice to see how others perceive Carmel Temple-it is some of that same feeling that I felt the first time I ever crossed the threshold back in December 2000. When you stand in the presence of the quietness of God and can recognize it as such, and remember an early childhood experience of being in that same Presence, then you understand why I miss being there.”

Daniel Hunter, Spring Texas – Dearest Charlotte and Carl,
Thank you so very much for hosting Tony Burrough’s Intenders Of the Highest Good workshops. Carmel Temple is such an inviting environment, such warm people and wonderful energy. Also thank you for inviting me to speak and for a copy of the talk on tape. Love and hugs to both of you.

Tony Burroughs, Pagosa Springs, CO | Co-founder of Intenders of the Highest Good – Whenever we’re in Houston we always go to Carmel Temple. Spirit is alive and well there. You cannot help but feel it. They were spreading the Highest Good long before The Intenders. As they say, Carmel Temple is a quiet sanctuary far away from the outer world of seeming chaos. It is a place of peace, healing, study, teaching, meditation, love, warmth, and friendship. Carmel is a loving place made available for all seekers of the Light. The Intenders happily recommend you visit Charlotte, Carl, and all our good friends at Carmel Temple. (A must see: www.Intenders.com)

Bart, Houston, TX – I visited the temple a while back with my good friend Jennifer S. in Houston. I wanted to say that the experience was profound and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am wanting to be attuned for Reiki and saw that you are going to have that available on the 25th of Nov. I would like to register for the class. Do I need to call or will this e-mail be sufficient? Thank you for just being there.

Kerri and Jeffrey Lake, Cincinnati, OH – Hello Carl and Charlotte,
This is Kerri from the Teach Only Love wedding. I have been thinking of you both very much recently and feeling so much gratitude in my heart for all that you demonstrated to us and for all that you gave from your heart to us this past February. We hope to be in touch with you and invite you to write us whenever you like. Sending all our love.

MaryBeth Smith, Houston, TX – I’m with you in spirit today! Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary. Thank you for being such a blessing to me, and to the world!

Jack & Laura H, Houston, TX – We saw your ad in the Indigo Sun and hope to visit the Labyrinth soon. We are members at Unity Church and seekers of the TRUTH. Feel as if you are family while viewing your web site.

Leon Burstein, New Zealand – I love your site and am most impressed by your message and love for everyone. It is so sad that I am not able to be there with you, but I can be online. A big thank you for your site.

Michael – I have read the contents of your site and I have found it very helpful for the seekers of the truth. I have been reading in search for the truth for the last ten years, right from Egypt, celtics, angor wat, the Incas of South America…to the Bible, Hinduism. All lead to one point–into our heart. My motivator has been the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I therefore would like to learn more through your site and, if possible, as a member.

Mary Krenek, Stafford, TX – Thank you for the most wonderful, spiritual experience today at Carmel Temple. The fellowship and energy level was excellent. Hope to see you soon.

Cathy Murphy, Houston, TX – Great to find another New Thought ministry in Houston. I am a member of the Unity Church.

Glenda Beth Brewer – Thanks for being here and there and everywhere. Is it just me, or are there more like me who are struggling MIGHTILY to survive (literally, mentally, emotionally) in this culture? It’s like I cannot get a grip on how to hang on thru all the chaos and just plain meanness of spirit that is all around.

Carmen Barruel, Belgium – It is a blessing to have a place like Carmel Temple, where to meet with positive people and dear friends in a peaceful atmosphere to share and to grow.

Michael Sullivan, San Francisco, CA – I first attended Carmel in the early 80’s. Carmel is still and forever will be dear to my heart. I am impressed with your web site, bringing the ancient teachings of the Spirit World into the Information Technology Age of The Internet. Much love to Charolotte Sigler, and in Loving Memory of Richard Sigler.

Marsha Green, Houston, TX – Visited the Carmel Temple many years ago when Paul Solomon was a speaker. It is calling me again to come back and visit. You have done such wonderful work in the universe. Thanks.

Kelly Reilly, Pasadena, TX – Greetings and love to all!!! Thru hope and determination, all things are possible. We must continually strive to raise the vibrations of people and this planet as we share unconditional love and understanding.

Carmel McGrath, Nova Scotia, Canada – Wow. What a wonderful site!

Valerie Moura, North Carolina – Thanks for being there and especially for the online labyrinth.

Lynn Russ, Phoenix, AZ – Thanking you for being in the oneness of light and love.

Charlotte Yarbrough, Atlanta, GA – Just wanted to say Hi to you all. Still miss each and everyone of you. Living in Georgia at this time; getting closer; hopefully get to Houston more often and visit. Much Love, Charlotte Two

Carol S. Muskus, Phoenix AZ – Looking for ideas to launch a new place of personal growth and enlightenment here in Phoenix. I like your space and ideas. Will research more closely when time permits.

Becky Boyd, Pearland, TX I enjoyed your website very much. If the weather doesn’t get too bad this weekend, I hope to come by to visit Sunday.

Margaret Rustan, Roswell, NM – I gave been away from Houston for some time but I keep in touch with the metaphysical community by visiting the Carmel Temple site often.Charlotte has offered refuge to those in spiritual need for many years and has unflinchingly extended her hand to those who seek a path which will enable them to cope with their world.Keep the good work going, Charlotte. We are all appreciative of your efforts.

Whitney Ivanhoe – I enjoyed being at Carmel Temple once more and I will try to return again in a couple of weeks. You look great Charlotte. keep up the good work. Love you.

Wayne Blackburn, Brownsville, TX – Carmel Temple has been there for so many people that it is no surprise the Light (The Carmel Temple) is still there to draw by its shining Light for more to come and be shared with as they share. God Bless always.

Dorothy Whitley – Dropped by about 2 PM today and walked the labyrinth. It is beautiful. I’m so impressed with the beautiful way Carmel appears. There were a few cars but I couldn’t make enough noise to raise anybody… will drop by again soon. Love to Charlotte and to Carl and all friends at Carmel.