Prayer Requests

Crystal Prayer Request Bowl

The Crystal Prayer Bowl is used to collect prayer requests sent to Carmel Temple. It is placed under the Blue-White Healing Light at the beginning of healing sessions in the Sanctuary. The prayer requests then receive the energy and prayers of those present. We encourage you to place into the bowl the name (even the initials will do) of the person, persons, or situations that need prayer or healing energy. This procedure has been very effective and that bowl has an excellent reputation! We encourage you to use it. When the bowl is full, those prayer requests are gathered and placed in the walls of The Upper Room, where they continue to receive the powerful energy of that special place. This loving practice has been used since Carmel’s beginning in 1970.
Prayer request bowl
For many years, Carmel Temple has provided a prayer request line by telephone. You may still place your prayer request by calling Carmel Temple at (713) 944-0014. Now you may also email a prayer request right here by clicking on this Prayer Request link and typing your request into an email message. All prayer requests will be collected from our e-mail and from our telephone system and placed in the Prayer Request Bowl at Carmel Temple. Either way, your request will be placed in the bowl for you and it will be included in the healing sessions.

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