Dr. Peirano completed a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, from Albizu University in Miami, Florida. He has 8 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, elderly and families of different social and cultural backgrounds. Dr. Peirano has worked in a variety of clinical settings and currently practices in the state of Texas. His areas of expertise include crisis intervention and psychotherapy, working with people who experience a wide range of emotional difficulties.
Since an early age, Dr. Peirano has had interest in learning concepts from metaphysics, meditation (mindfulness), spirituality, and personal development. He is passionate about connecting these areas of interest with knowledge he has learned during his clinical practice. He has found meaning using these ideas to improve the quality of his life and the lives of those he serves.

Includes workshops, presentations, & dynamic exercises to assist participants to internalize timeless theories and concepts of personal and spiritual growth designed and facilitated by Dr. Piero Peirano. Content from the fields of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, & metaphysics.


Spiritual growth classes are offered for educational and informational purposes only. The classes are not intended to be psychotherapy, counseling or a substitute for it. The content of the classes should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. If you have, or believe you may have a problem or condition requiring psychological treatment or counseling, please first consult with a qualified physician or health care provider.