Sinclair, Carolyn

Carolyn Sinclair
Carolyn Sinclair

Carolyn Sinclair is a graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. She’s been a business woman and an entrepreneur. Although her background is analytical and scientific in nature, she is also creative and artistic which helps her easily bridge the gap between science and the esoteric. In the mid 1990’s Carolyn became spontaneously and severely empathic. She began to feel energy and other people’s sickness, which manifested in her, feeling their pain or discomfort in corresponding areas of her body. Wanting no part of this, be began to search for answers which ultimately catapulted her on a broader journey of understanding, wholeness and the role various forms of meditation and the miracle of “Awareness.”

For over two decades, Carolyn has studied and practiced with many Asian masters and has practiced and taught sitting meditation, walking meditation, tai chi and qi gong and visited China 3 times. Over the years, Carolyn has experienced and practiced many forms of deep prayer, chants and mantras from various Christian, Hindu and Buddhists traditions and their corresponding meditative practices.

Carolyn began Walking Meditation in 2000. Shortly thereafter, although she could not put her finger on it, she knew there was something deeper and profoundly different about it. Since that time, she has participated in months of retreats and accumulated well over 3000 hours of Walking Meditation. As Carolyn began practicing WM, she was happier, more relaxed, less stressed, more resilient, and began to understand herself and others better. And her overall health and vitality was improving.

As Carolyn’s practice deepened, she also noticed more clarity and automatic insight blossoming of some of the secrets embedded in this gentle form of Meditation and the mysteries of “Intrinsic Awareness.” Few people have the depth or breadth of experience, understanding or knowledge of Walking Meditation its benefits, secrets or the deep and profound mysteries of “Intrinsic Awareness.”

Carolyn is a speaker, writer and has been featured on Radio, TV (CW-39TV), the Houston Chronicle as well guest speaker and blogger. Recently she co-authored a book with Tony Gambone called “Share Your Message with the World Vol. II”
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