Penny, Sandy

Sandy Penny

Sandy Penny has been a long-time speaker and supporter of Carmel Temple. She is a spiritual author, proofreader, blogger, muse, psychic adviser, healer, teacher, publisher, editor, social media promoter, and web site consultant/trainer. She has shared her spiritual journey with Carmel attendees since the 1970s and was the publisher of the first metaphysical journal in Houston, The Rising Sun. She later helped establish the Indigo Sun and for years, wrote a monthly column on how to follow your life path, access your inner guidance and live a connected spiritual life. She has traveled extensively sharing what she has learned along the way. Sandy is now back in Houston and continues to share Carmel Temple’s mission and events through social media.

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Sandy is also the author of a spiritual novel, Covenant of the Dove, which can be found on Amazon: