Kamau, Dr. Obidike 

Dr. Obidike Kamau is an entity who consistently seeks to submit to his inner and core Self in this transitory migration through illusion which appears as life. The paradox this intention requires, creates drama and adventure in and of itself and adds to the delicious tension which inherently exists in manifestation and can lead to what’s called joy, or pleasure as the characteristics developed to achieve this submission causes a release under pressure as the orientation to be guided from within requires an on-going discharge of what one once knew and believed.

Dr. Kamau believes that on some level everyone comes here to learn this lesson, and that as more of us seek this knowledge the closer we collectively come to peace, because submitting to the force from which our essence springs, creates, guarantees love, from the inside out.

Dr. Obidike Kamau is in fact his core Self’s mild mannered secret identity, somewhat akin to Clark Kent—and in this role he is husband, father, grandfather, educator, administrator, community advocate and information activist, poet, novelist, songwriter and more.