Gallo, Dr. Sara

Dr. Sara Gallo has her doctorate degree in Education and was a founder of bilingual education at HISD and in the state of Texas.

Dr. Gallo also became a founding member of the Multilingual Department at the Houston Independent School District. After completing her masters and doctoral degree in administration and supervision she returned to HISD and became Dean of Instruction at John R. McReynolds Middle School and later became principal at C. E. Barrick Elementary School.

Under her leadership the school received many awards in the area of student achievement as well as congressional recognition for exhibiting significant growth in student achievement during the years it transitioned from a predominantly white school to a predominantly Hispanic school, and for its bilingual education program. Dr. Gallo’s school was one of the finalist for the National Schools of Excellence Award in 1997.

It is her belief that teaching and learning is not just an intellectual process. Dr. Gallo has demonstrated that it is also a spiritual process that can be activated by a meditative state and ignited by the energy of love.