Spence, Velma

It has been many years that Velma has been on her spiritual journey.  She began by reading various books by a Tibetan monk named Lobsang Rampa on spirituality and was attracted to the Buddhist philosophy with teachings about reincarnation.  It taught that our real life is of a spiritualnature. She did not fully understand this spiritual concept but it resonated within her. In the bible in Genesis 1, it clearly states that we were crated in the image and likeness of God….  And God is Spirit.  

Velma lived in Brazil for almost twenty yearswhile there shebecame interested in the Alan Kardec spiritual movement that originated in France in the mid 1800’s.  She witnessed spiritual healings and operations that were done by mediums who were not doctors, however, they were incorporated by a spiritual doctor. She saw miraculous healings and cures all done through prayer, meditations, decrees and the use of natural medications (herbs), all in the name of God.   

 Upon returning to the United States, Velma became a member of Unity Austin in 2002 and began spiritual studiesto become a Unity Licensed Teacher.  Upon moving to Houston 2009, she became a member of Unity Houston and continued her studies. Velma became a Licensed Unity Teacher in July 2014, which is a Lay Minister, and now she is in the Unity Urban Ministerial program to become an Ordained Minister.

Velma Spence has taught Unity classes for over five years and was a member of Lonestar Toastmasters.  She has spoken in Brazil and several places in Texas.