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Course in Miracles - Tuesday's @ 7:30PM

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Chiscan, Lili

Lili Chiscan is Rainbow Kids Yoga certified and also is certified to teach yoga for children with special needs through Every Kid's Yoga. Yoga with children is always a magical journey of joy, love and games. Yoga will help them focus more, grow beautifully and never forget the journey of their hearts. Yoga classes for kids improve coordination and balance, speech through improved breathing, and increase creativity. Yoga for kids is taught through games and children accept it easier if they have fun. We will travel around the world learning geography, or across the universe learning astronomy. Kids will learn poses through biology and music.

Parents can join us during classes or attend the All Faith Service provided by Carmel Temple (11am-noon). Parent & Child classes increase the connection between parent & child and allow them to spend quality time together. In our classes we combine asanas (yoga poses) with meditation, games, and painting, drawing and live music. Classes are taught for ages 4-12 yr.

Class Information & Details

Kids yoga classes are on donation only. Come, play, try yoga and pay what you can.
No prior yoga experience required.

Please have the registration and waiver forms ready before the class. Email or contact Lili Chiscan at
281.798.9153 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration before class. For updates on our schedule or events please visit our website at www.earthkidsyoga.com


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