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Course in Miracles - Tuesday's @ 7:30PM

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Rosing, Rich

Rich Rosing has his Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. He’s worked in substance abuse treatment, primarily with the family program. He currently serves as Department Chair of the Human Service Technology Program at Houston Community College. Rich believes that we all live in both the spiritual and physical worlds, and that personal communication with the spiritual world is our birthright. He also uses Native American and other spiritual systems for life guidance. Rich and his wife, Terry, the owners of FeatherStone Creations in Houston, help people find their spiritual path through Reiki, massage therapy, intuitive readings, substance abuse counseling, and emotional and physical healing through aromatherapy. His Topic: "THE RULE OF SIX”.   As a footnote, Rich will be designing Carmel's Native American Indian Medicine Wheel adjacent to the Labyrinth.

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