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Course in Miracles - Tuesday's @ 7:30PM

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Kamau, Ngozi J.

Kamau, Ngozi J.April 25, 2010- Ngozi J. Kamau, is grateful and excited to have encountered the Love, Spiritual Companionship, and Invaluable Guidance that she experiences at Carmel Temple. In the 1980’s, her older sister gave her U.S Anderson’s Three Magic Words. This was the first text to answer many of her questions about God and Life, as she began her ongoing exploration into strengthening her relationship with God. Now, sharing the Sunday morning meditations from  Three Magic Words reminds her that all roads truly lead home. Additionally, she facilitates the Neale Donald Walsch’s series of Conversations with God  and others discussion group each Sunday morning at Carmel Temple . She is an educational researcher in African American Studies, with a background in community mental health education, psychotherapy, and collegiate education.  Ngozi has found that true acceptance is the key to personal, academic and professional growth. She has practiced Christianity as well as the Baha’i and Fahamme faiths. Currently, she is enjoying wonderful experiences through Hare Krisna chanting.

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