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Sigler, Charlotte

Charlotte Sigler
Co-founder of Carmel Temple

12-26-99: Charlotte Sigler is a co-founder of Carmel Temple, with her husband, Richard Sigler. Richard made his transition in April, 1998, after a lengthy illness, leaving Charlotte and her son, Carl B. Minton, Jr., with the responsibility of continuing the mission assigned in 1970.

Richard and Charlotte were led by their inner guidance, through meditation, to build Carmel Temple, as an instrument of enlightenment, healing, and especially love, which would be brought to many. Being optimistic about such an enormous task, they dedicated the rest of their lives to ensure Carmel Temple will fulfill its Mission Statement.

Though Charlotte is an ordained minister, she prefers to be called “Caretaker” and, along with her son, Carl, they continue to search for future caretakers to carry Carmel through the next two thousand years.

Carmel Temple is a 501(c)3 non-profit  all-faith Church formed to support  messages of truth that set us free. We do not pass a collection plate at services and rely on tax deductible contributions for our existence. You are invited to see our mission statement, programs, workshops, study groups and how we have served the public for over 40 years, same caretakers, same location, same mission.

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