Guest Speakers

Carmel Temple weekly presents speakers and workshops on inspirational subjects. Again, we do not necessarily endorse what they may say and it is up to the listener to accept or reject or shelve. New ideas and new personalities are always interesting and can stimulate thinking. Most philosophers insist, however, that TRUTH lies WITHIN, and it is well to remember the words from Browning’s poem:

“TRUTH is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whatever you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where Truth abides in fullness.”

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Abadia, Vanessa
Aguilar-Long, Carlota
Allen, Sheryl Diane
Amberboy, Linda
Badger, Lawanda
Balsam, Susan
Barruel, Carmen L.
Bingham, Bill
Brower, Daniel
Blanchard, Mary
Borkowski, Gary
Bowen, Lynette
Boyle, Sheryl
Brahm, Jackie
Bricker, Dr. Marlene
Briggs, Dwain
Brittain, Dr. Jeffrey, D.C.
Penny, Sandy
Smith, Kent
watson, katherine
Brittain, Gail
Britton, Linda
Broom, Robbie
Burroughs, Tony
Cangelosi, Rev. Dorothea
Chaneta & Evelyn
Childes, Anah
Chiscan, Lili
Cluthe, Emily
Cluthe, Scott
Cole, Dr. Ronald, M.D.
Conway, Christopher
Cortez, Julia
DeMoss, Dr. Donald
Gillis, Rev. Anne Sermons
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