Burroughs, Tony

Tony Burroughs, a self empowerment advocate and community-maker whose work is defining the standard for the future. Equally at ease in both environments, he has bridged the gap between the mainstream and the magical by co-founding The Intenders of the Highest Good, an intentional community dedicated to realizing the highest potentials of the individual and of the community itself. This simple but practical empowerment technique successfully combines the Laws of Creativity with an Intenders Circle so that people are able to express their intentions, gratitudes and bring their desires into reality. Learn more at his web site www.intenders.com. Tony is a fun, lighthearted speaker who tells story after story about The Intention Process and how it has changed peoples lives for the better. Popular at Carmel Temple, Tony returns by request after his incredible workshops presented here. He is the author of several books, movies and DVD’s which include The Intenders Handbook and The Highest Light Teachings.