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Welcome! Carmel Temple located in South Houston, Texas, is a quiet sanctuary far away from the outer world of seeming chaos. It is a place of enlightenment, peace, healing, teaching, meditation, love, and friendship. Carmel Temple is a loving place made available for all seekers of the Light.

In 1970, Charlotte and Richard Sigler were led by their Inner Guidance, through meditation, to build Carmel Temple, as an instrument of enlightenment, healing, and especially love, which would be brought to many. And it continues to fulfill that mission. A copy of the actual pledge was signed and agreed upon by the Siglers on December 19, 1971.

Upcoming Speakers and Events

Carmel Temple has a different guest speaker each Sunday at 11:00 AM.
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DateGuest SpeakerTopic
April 2
Bonnie John

A short overview of the principles and practice of absorbing the Universal Healing energy for yourself and your loved ones according to the teachings of Bruno Groening. Read more.
April 9
Carolyn Sinclair

Learn more about Carolyn Sinclair.
April 15
Bruno Groening
Film: "On the Tracks of the Miracle Healer"
Time: 10AM-4PM with 2 intermissions,
A three part Documentary Film with 2 intermissions. Please note, this is a 5 hour film.
For additional info: 713-944-0014 or
April 16
Kent Smith

With the new millennium Kent was happy in her aerospace career however her personal life took a nose dive. In May of 2002, someone with whom she was in love sadly and very unexpectedly died. Then it happened again in late 2005. After the loss of her lover Russell, Kent prayed for help with both the trauma of her grief, and a deep desire to help others with their grief. She had no idea at the time what she was asking for … however, out of this request, the experiences behind Love Promised began. I will mention the new project that I’m working on, focused on Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to acknowledge the important significance of this day, then move into discussing Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed found on Amazon via Kindle e-book and softbound cover. I will bring some softbound printed books with me and will stay afterward to autograph copies for anyone.
Read more about our special Easter guest speaker, Kent Smith.
April 22
Bruno Groening
Lecture Title: "A New Path to Health for Body and Soul"
A lecture on Spiritual Healing by S. Dreher MD, Germany, IN PERSON
Time: 1:00PM

For additional info: 713-944-0014 or
April 23
Katherine Watson

Learn more about Katherine Watson.
April 30
Dr. Sara Gallo
It is Dr. Gallo's belief that teaching and learning is not just an intellectual process. Dr. Gallo has demonstrated that it is also a spiritual process that can be activated by a meditative state and ignited by the energy of love. Learn more about Dr. Sara Gallo.
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